After Buying Into AAMCO, This Franchisee Couple Found That Success Drove Itself
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After Buying Into AAMCO, This Franchisee Couple Found That Success Drove Itself

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Kim and Greg Johnson co-own an AAMCO franchise in California, but for this married couple, Kim is the one with her foot on the gas, running the business; Greg works elsewhere full-time. "I guess the most interesting thing is that when Greg sees what I have accomplished in this field, he is amazed!" Kim reports. "When we go to parties or gatherings with friends, and he listens to me use auto repair jargon or recite transmission types for vehicles off the top of my head, he smiles because he knows that he would never be able to do that." Another business bonus? The Johnsons' son Cody loves to talk cars with Mom.. "I'm sure that is a pretty rare connection between mothers and sons," she says.

Name: Kim and Greg Johnson

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